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Battery Power Systems for Cpap & BiPap Devices

Rental Programs Now Available! 

Rental Program Now Available from


Rent any size battery w/ charger:  $60.00 for up to 10 Days – We highly recommend you test out equipment for several days prior to your trip (allow a day to recharge before leaving) that way there will be no risk of  being “caught” with your Cpap not functioning for the full length of  time you need it.  Monthly (up to 30 days)  $175.00

Also rent special 12V Battery Cord / Converter to fit your device  $15.00 for up to 10 Days or Monthly (up to 30 days)  $35.00

Conversion to Purchase:  Renter can convert this rental into a purchase anytime up until the return deadline.   (50%) credit of rental fee (before shipping charges and taxes), can be applied to purchase price within that purchase conversion window.  If renter decides to convert to purchasing equipment within the first 3 days (72 hours) of starting rental period (ie. Effective Date), the full rental fee (before shipping charges and taxes) can be applied to purchase price.