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Cpap Power FAQ


How hard is it to set up one of these battery systems for my Cpap, BiPap, Apap, or Vpap?

We have been perfecting these Battery Systems since we started in 2014, with the goal of keeping them as Easy as possible to set up and maintain. Almost all our systems can be set up and running within 5 minutes after reading our clear and precise instruction sheets. Plus we always provide our direct phone number to give you our very best Customer Support, even years after the sale! 


What is the difference between an "Inverter" and a "Converter" for my Pap Device? And what is the difference between a "Pure Sine Wave" Inverter and a "Modified Sine Wave" model?

A PURE Sine Wave Inverter is specified for use to power specialized electronic equipment (like medical devices). PURE Sine Wave models are precision made and cost more to buy than the Modified Sine Wave (which are sold to power equipment that does not have sensitive computer components to govern its operation. Like blenders, or hand drills or power sanders.)


When Cpaps were first sold for home use, they only ran on 110 Volt A/C wall current. If you wanted to use them with battery power, it required a device that could "make" 110 Volt A/C current out of the battery's 12 Volt D/C power. That device is an INVERTER, and it can consume up to 30% of the battery's power to transform the D/C to A/C wave form (this wastes an enormous amount of the battery's reserve capacity, meaning it will run out up to 30% faster. We have found than many people who sell RVs and Travel Trailers still believe you need to use an Inverter to power your Pap Devices. It's just not true anymore.

Most Newer models of Pap Devices are now designed to run directly off 12 Volt DC battery power. You just plug in a special 12 Volt power Cord, designed by the PAP Manufacturer for their specific device. (We sell those!)  Other brands of Pap Devices run on 24 Volt DC current. Those use a CONVERTER (which works like a "transformer" that boosts 12 VDC to 24VDC without needing to become A/C in the process). This direct process does not waste any battery energy to run the Inverter, you get the full benefit of the battery's storage capacity to run your Pap Device.


We sell these Converters as well. We also sell PURE Sine Wave Inverters to use with the few Models of Pap Devices that are not designed to work off 12VDC batteries.


Part of our job is to help you find everything you need to just "Plug in your Cpap and use it."


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30 DAY “No One EVER Gets Stuck” Return Privilege.

No restocking fees. Customer pays shipping.

WARRANTY: 5 Years Prorated Warranty. First 2 Years is Full Replacement.

Contact us for a copy of our warranty to examine before purchase, if you please.

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