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DREAM STATION ( MODEL 1 OR 2 ) Cpap Mobile Power

Everything You Need in Complete Kit will power your Dream Station for 6 to 12 Nights on each charge*  THREE PORTS operate 2 PAP Devices plus charge your phone & tablet while you sleep!

This PDS-5501 Bundle includes the 55AH Battery. OEM Cpap Power Cord that connects Battery to your Philips DREAM STATION 1 or 2 Cpap --- and the S.M.A.R.T. Battery Charger that is fully computerized and will recharge your battery for repeated use in the years ahead.


*NOTE: All performance claims are based on user turning all comfort heaters (Ie. Humidifier Heat and Heated Tubing) to OFF or ZERO since these features consume up to SIX times as much battery power as running the device without them turned on.

Dream Station 1 and 2 GREAT 55AH SLA

SKU: PDS5501
  • Battery & Custom 12V Harness

    • Battery arrives fully charged and READY TO USE.
    • Battery has carrying handle, weighs 35 lbs, and it is completely portable. But NOT for Backpacking!!
    • EASY TO SET UP: -- Just plug it into your CPAP or BIPAP device with the supplied fuse-protected 12V Power Cord that connects to our custom 12V wire harness and IT IS READY TO GO in under 5 minutes!
    • Battery is a HEAVY DUTY 55 AH Capacity to supply you with power for most CPAP or BIPAP Devices for up to 6 to 12 nights of use on a single charge*, (varies with pressure settings and use of humidifier or heated hoses.) When comparing with other batteries rated in Watt Hours (WH) this battery would rate at 660 WH @ 12V and it would rate at 174000 mAH (3.7V)
    • Our Special Harness is wired with Stainless Steel hardware. The ring terminals are soldered to the wires to make a far more dependable electrical connection than merely crimping them. The harness has a "strain relief cord" integrated in it to prevent it from being pulled loose from the battery.
    • The THREE Female Cigarette lighter ports let you run a second Cpap device at the same time, AND you can still plug in USB charger (included in our bundle), to recharge your cell phone, tablet or GPS devices while you are sleeping with your Cpap in use..
    • Battery is "Maintenance Free”, Deep Cycle, Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) and does not require checking fluid level. 
    • Battery is safe to be used in any position (lying on its side or even upside down!) You can stash it in your nightstand drawer, ready to use in an emergency.
    • This battery has the latest AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology, making it much safer and more stable and reliable than previous Deep Cycle batteries. This is an improvement over “Gel” batteries.
    • This battery has a 3 to 5 yr projected lifespan under moderate DAILY usage, (and with your occasional usage for power outage backups or camping trips, you can expect it to serve you up to TWICE that long, with proper care).
    • Battery measures: 9 in X 9 in X 6 in and weighs 35 pounds. This is an EXTRA HEAVY DUTY unit!


    ALL our Philips Dream Station Power Cords are OEM cords made by the Cpap Manufacturer Companies for their specific devices. These have in-line fuses and static filters. Our power cords are not cheap "after market" knock-offs.

    · WE PROVIDE ONE POWER CORD with your Battery System,

    · You can purchase a separate power cord for a second cpap, it does not need the be the same brand or model.

    12V S.M.A.R.T Computerized Battery Charger

    · SPECIFICALLY SIZED TO MATCH THE RATING OF THIS BATTERY. Charging with a different charger, at a rate above 6 Amps/hr, can COOK these AGM  batteries (they don’t dissipate the heat as well as wet cell “flooded” batteries can.) This charger maxes out at 6 Amps/hr. It will never damage your battery.

    · FULLY COMPUTERIZED. No buttons to push, nothing you need to select. Before it starts the charge cycle, it reads the battery when you attach the clips to the battery terminals. It then knows exactly how much charge to apply and it continues to adjust those levels through multiple stages until it signals you (little green light comes on) to say the battery is fully charged.

    · Takes about 10 to 12 hours to fully charge this 55 AH Battery if is has been discharged to the level that your Cpap shuts down at around 11.3 Volts.

    · Can be used on ANY 12VDC Lead Acid Battery. (Will not “Start” a vehicle with a dead battery. Only will charge it over time.)

    All the equipment in this bundle (Battery, Charger, and Cpap Power Cord is covered by our exclusive  5 YEAR WARRANTY (2 Years FULL EXCHANGE, Years 3 – 5 Prorated) It's the BEST in our Industry!

    THIS Battery Bundles is:

    · SILENT – No need to run a noisy generator.

    · RELIABLE – This technology has been around for decades!

    · SAFE – Will not overheat or catch fire. Battery can be used laying flat or even upside down!

    · SIMPLE & EASY – Set up in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES (Like “Plug & Play”)

    · PORTABLE -- It comes with carrying handles. Weight is listed in item description above.


    *NOTE: All performance claims are based on user turning all comfort heaters (Ie. Humidifier Heat and Heated Tubing) to OFF or ZERO since these features consume up to SIX times as much battery power as running the device without them turned on.

  • 30 DAY “No One EVER Gets Stuck” Return Privilege. No restocking fees. Customer pays shipping.

    Warranty: 5 Years Prorated Warranty. Contact us for a copy to examine before purchase, if you please.

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