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Cpap Power EXCLUSIVE  LUNA G3 / G3B  DC POWER CONVERTER Cable to operate your Cpap directly off YOUR 12V Battery equiped with Female Cigarette Lighter SOCKET.  NO INVERTER NEEDED!!

Silent power. Cord is approximately 7 ft long tip to tip.

5 Yr Warranty (prorated).



  • This power cord is a Cpap Power EXCLUSIVE for the LUNA G3 and LUNA G3B SERIES of Cpap devices..  NO INVERTER NEEDED!!   This Power Cord is FUSE-PROTECTED  to shield your vital PAP Device from line power surges.  The LENGTH of this DC Power Cord is 7 feet and it WEIGHS about  8 oz

    We GUARANTEE Compatibility with your PAP device or your money back.

  • 30 DAY “No One EVER Gets Stuck” Return Privilege. No restocking fees. Customer pays shipping.

    Warranty: 5 Years Prorated Warranty. Contact us for a copy to examine before purchase, if you please.

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