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OEM DC Power Cable to operate your Cpap directly off a 12V Battery.  NO INVERTER NEEDED!! Silent power.  This is the List of Cpap Brands and Models that this Battery & Power Cord Bundle will support: 

  • NOTE: ( NO DREAM STATION, NO RESMED, and NO LUNA Devices. We have other Battery Bundles for these Products - Please check the HOME link at the top of the page to look for those brands.)

This DC Power Cord (Along with its alternate tip), FITS:

  • VARIOUS RESPIRONICS, SANDMAN & INTELLIPAP CPAP & BIPAP MACHINES INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING: COVIDIEN / PURITAN BENNETT: Compatible with Puritan Bennett GoodKnight 425/425ST BIPAP machines.SANDMAN: Compatible with all Sandman Systems including Sandman Auto, Sandman Duo, Sandman Duo ST, Sandman Intro and Sandman Info. DeVILBISS HEALTHCARE: Compatible with all IntelliPAP Systems including the IntelliPAP Standard, IntelliPAP Auto, IntelliPAP BiLevel, and the IntelliPAP BiLevel ST.
  • PHILIPS RESPIRONICS: M-SERIES, "50 series" PR SystemOne: including PR SystemOne 150 REMstar, PR SystemOne 250 REMstar Plus, PR SystemOne 450 REMstar PRO, PR SystemOne 550 REMstar Auto, PR SystemOne 650 BiPAP PRO, PR SystemOne 750 BiPAP Auto PHILIPS RESPIRONICS "60" SERIES CPAP & BIPAP MACHINES INCLUDING REMstar Plus 260, REMstar Pro 460, REMstar Auto 560, BiPAP Pro 660, BiPAP Auto 760.PR SystemOne REMSTAR SE


BUNDLE Includes HEAVY DUTY "alligator clips and socket" to attach to battery.


SKU: CO-7706
  • This power cord is O.E.M., made by Cpap manufacturers specifically for their Cpap devices.    This Power Cord is FUSE-PROTECTED  as well as  STATIC FILTERED to reduce causing electrical interference in radios, cell phones, wi-fi devices nearby.  The LENGTH of this DC Power Cord is over 6 Ft and it WEIGHS a little over 12 oz.

    We GUARANTEE Compatibility with your PAP device or your money back.

    The Alligator Clips are EXTRA HEAVY DUTY 

    15A Capacity and are 2 FT long and weigh 8 OZ.

  • 30 DAY “No One EVER Gets Stuck” Return Privilege. No restocking fees. Customer pays shipping.

    Warranty: 5 Years Prorated Warranty. Contact us for a copy to examine before purchase, if you please.

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