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Certified by TSA & FAA to carry onto Commercial Airplanes. Also ideal for BACKPACKING. Can Power a ResMed AIR MINI device for up to 3-4  "Nights" on each charge*


*NOTE:  A "night" of sleep is considered 7 hrs based on USA average for adults.


  • NOTE: Battery Bank is shipped via UPS or FedEx GROUND. We CANNOT ship Lithium Devices via air or expedited. NO SALES to HI, AK, or PR. (SORRY!)

    Battery is approximately 8" x 6" x 2"Battery weighs 3.3 Lbs and This DC Power Cord is made by ResMed specifically for their AIR MINI Cpap devices. This Power Cord is FUSE-PROTECTED as well as STATIC FILTERED to reduce causing electrical interference in radios, cell phones, wi-fi devices nearby. With this power cord there is NO NEED to use an inverter (which can waste up to 30 to 40% of the battery power in use.) Plug this converter into a 12V Female Cigarette Lighter Socket of the Battery. The LENGTH of this DC Power Converter Cord is over 9 Ft and it WEIGHS a little over 1 LB.

    THIS BATTERY IS CERTIFIED TO TAKE ON ANY COMMERCIAL AIRPLANE.   Carry-On  ONLY (cannot be checked baggage) and can be used In-Flight to power your Cpap completely independently of Airplane's power.

    This Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) battery is MUCH BETTER than the 1st Generation Lithium Ion, or even 2nd Generation Lithium Polymer. This LiFePo4 battery chemistry is the safest on the market today and has a Duty Cycle of 5000 Lifetime discharge/recharge cycles which is TEN TIMES as many as the other Lithium Ion batteries.

    MOST POWERFUL Lithium battery available in its size range. Compare the mAh and the WH rating with other brand's specs:

    This Expion360 EXP-48PRO unit has 154 WH (watt hours). It is rated for 48000mAh (at 3.2V) which translates into 12.8 AH at 12VDC.  Can Power a ResMed AIR MINI device for up to 3-4 "Nights" on each charge (up to 28 hours)*

    This system comes complete with everything you need. This cord will NOT work for any other model of cpap

    Battery has (2) USB ports to charge either your Cell Phone or Tablet or GPS while you are asleep, using your cpap.

    There are (2) Battery Chargers provided to recharge your battery for repeat use: for either 115VAC or 12VDC source.  Recharge time is 6 - 7 hours if battery is fully depleted to when Cpap shuts down. Can also be recharged with OPTIONAL 30 WATT SOLAR PANEL.

    Comes with a protective black carry pouch.

    Battery is Fully Charged. Sets up in under 5 minutes! Ready to Go!

    *NOTE: A "night" of sleep is considered 7 hrs based on USA average for adults.

  • 30 DAY “No One EVER Gets Stuck” Return Privilege. No restocking fees. Customer pays shipping.

    Warranty: 5 Years Prorated Warranty. Contact us for a copy to examine before purchase, if you please.

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